There are more New Zealand girls playing our beloved game than ever before.

With over 220,000 kiwi females currently participating in basketball, the growth at secondary school levels has seen an 18 percent increase over the past three years.

This makes Basketball the fastest growing team sport in the country. New Zealand women have also ameliorated the number of Kiwi men playing U.S. college basketball in 2015 and that trend is likely to have continued in 2016.

At a domestic level, the Women’s Basketball Championship [WBC] together with increased media coverage and the livestreaming of games, will undergo a new national conference format in 2017.

Capital Swish is our top Womens Basketball team who proudly represent the wider Wellington region. This team will take their place in the WBC Southern conference, with home & away games against zonal members, Taranaki, Nelson, Canterbury and Otago before they compete in the winner takes all tournament held in Christchurch later in the year.

The Swish have a proud history in this championship conference and it’s a program Capital Basketball will continue to attract and develop talent for the future of our women playing this game.