There are a dozen reasons why a person decides to become a basketball coach. Some of us are former players who are looking to give back or stay involved in the game, or possibly have children who play and we volunteer to coach their team. Others are asked to coach within their community to fill a need, but whatever your motivation is, coaching young players requires a high level of responsibility and maturity.

Coaching our youth should be exciting, rewarding and fun for everyone involved.

Wellington Basketball’s Coaching Club are pleased to offer the BBNZ Kiwi Hoops to help develop your understanding of key fundamentals, rules and various strategies based on the level you are working with. Kiwi Hoops program provides a developmental pathway for young players from ages 5 - 13 years as they learn and develop their skills and understanding of the game.

Kiwi Hoops offer four certified stages aligned to the following school years:

  • Bounce: Ages 5 - 7 (Years 1 - 2)

  • Mini: Ages 7 - 9 (Years 3 - 4)

  • Pro: Ages 9 - 11 (Years 5 - 6)

  • All Star: Ages 11 - 13 (Years 7 - 8)

The structure, focus and format changes at each stage based on the developmental needs of the players. All coaches at the Bounce, Mini and Pro levels are invited to further develop their education by participating in Wellington Basketball’s Hoop Kids program, working with kids and their continued development in the sport.  For those coaches at the All Star level are encouraged to further hone their coaching skills in Wellington Basketball’s Hoop Kids Advanced, a basketball development programme for ballers who want to train and play like the big kids.


It’s a pretty simple equation… 

Basketball - Referees = Mayhem

We love our referees. They allow our game to be played in a safe and fair environment, and ensure officiating is in line with the aims of the competition - from social through to elite.  In a nutshell, they’re worth their weight in gold.

Basketball is popular for a myriad of reasons. There’s that cool guy from OKC, the shoe wear is off the hook, and if you can dunk, you’re golden. Much more importantly however, it’s year round, it can be played mixed, and it appeals to all ages. 

As an association we are committed to responding to the growing demand of teams wanting to play in our leagues and tournaments. One of these areas we are responsible for is ensuring we have enough quality referees to officiate our games.

None of the magic happens without them.

Becoming a referee under Wellington Basketball is a rewarding experience so if you interested in taking up the challenge, want to stay engaged in the game, keep fit or further develop as a referee please contact us so we can start talking. 



In a first for Wellington Basketball, we have created a space for all students who want to play ball, to train their minds first. 

Study Hall is an education space specific to each year group, inviting Year 6 to Year 13 students to approach their homework and subject needs after the school bell. This service will operate by year group clusters to ensure every student utilises the opportunity to focus on key subject matter, working in a peer-to-peer environment.

Study Hall have engaged tutors from Kip McGrath and Victoria University, spending time working with your child and their homework in a stimulating and fun environment. Since we can’t think without a full puku, we offer all students a quick snack, then it’s into the mahi. 

We encourage all our student athletes to invite our tutors to assist with their literacy, mathematics, sciences, language subjects or simply use this time wisely to work through their study material.

To keep our Year 6 to Year 9 students on their toes, Study Hall have engaged Creative Pathways NZ to explore subject matter using creative intelligence from the world of STEM subjects to hopefully inform and inspire potential subject interest and career paths.

Lionel Taito-Matamua who holds a Masters Degree in Design, will work with these young minds on a community project where innovative practicality through design may spark a potential career as well as deliver a finished product that we hope will benefit a community.

Students may or may not be playing a game that afternoon, they may or may not stay the whole time. And it’s all good. It’s about working together and supporting one another to create a community of smart young minds.


Community spirit to us means several people are sharing something particular. It is this common object which defines the sense of community, a common belief, unity and reciprocal solidarity between everyone who participates.

Giving back to the community that have supported the development and participation of our game is important to Wellington Basketball. We genuinely care and promote a sense of social responsibility throughout our organization, by creating sustainable and meaningful relationships and initiatives with smart organizations delivering support to our Wellington community.

Our team members have chosen the Wellington Eat My Lunch program, The Koha Shed Wellington and the ASB Get Wise service as our community initiatives for 2017.

Eat My Lunch is a business on a mission to ensure that no kid in New Zealand goes hungry at school. For every lunch you buy, EML give a lunch to a Kiwi kid who would otherwise go without. Since launching in June 2015, Eat My Lunch has given over 325,000 lunches to kids in 40 low decile schools. 

Eat My Lunch has now launched in Wellington and already exceeded the 2 month forecast in their first two weeks of operation. Making a difference is as simple as buying your lunch online. And for every lunch you buy, a lunch is given to a kid in Wellington. BUY ONE. GIVE ONE. 

ASB Bank is committed to improving financial literacy throughout New Zealand, and it starts with the kids. Combined with ASB Bank, New Zealand's largest school financial literacy programme that has delivered more than 25,000 sessions to over 630,000 registered students, they are teaching kiwi kids basic money skills and financial know-how to better prepare them for their future endeavours.