Miniball is basketball’s offering to our youngest players. It’s a great format in which to learn, and it keeps the game safe, fun and fair.

Our Primary School league offers miniball to school and club teams from Years 3 - 6, separated into two combined leagues, Years 3 + 4 and Years 5 + 6.

Each league is organized into grades. For Years 3 + 4 each school can grade themselves by selecting either competitive, intermediate, social or beginner. This selection process empowers the team coach to decide based on their overall skill level and/or team competitiveness.

For the Year 5 + 6 league, we have an additional grade called seasoned, which sits between competitive and intermediate.

Every registered team who participates in our Primary School League must supply a scorebench volunteer for every game they play in a season.

We run our weekly Primary School leagues from 4pm – 6pm with games scheduled every 30 minutes and run for eight weeks during the school term.

Contact us to register or if you have any queries.