(5 - 12 Years)

This is where it all begins for kids aged 5 - 12 years who have a growing interest in playing Basketball.

Hoop Kids is a skills development programme designed to take Basketball to all 64 Primary and Intermediate schools inside the Wellington City Council boundary, delivering fundamental content to aspiring ballers.

As a key programme member of Wellington Basketball’s ROOT to FRUIT initiative, the team @Hoop Kids will share with young people the idea that learning, participating, team work, and developing new skills through Basketball builds confidence and self-esteem.

Basketball fosters growth and development socially, physically and academically. Hoop Kids offers a safe and fun environment for your kids to make friends, hone their game, get fit, and build confidence through basic skill fundamentals at their own pace and athletic ability. 

We invite all kids wanting to take up Basketball or who want to continue to develop their skills and knowledge of the game, to become a member of Hoop Kids @Wellington Basketball. We have the experience and certified expertise to help develop your child’s game.

Hoop Kids Advanced
(9 - 13 Years)

Every programme has that one kid who wants to be Like Mike!

Hoop Kids Advanced development programme is for those members who want to train and play like the big kids.

In weekly two hour sessions for those aged 9 - 13, the kids are taught warm up and warm down routines, learn correct running and sprinting techniques, participate in strength and agility conditioning, and learn about nutrition and rest schedules.

Hoop Kids Advanced is run by skilled coaches and players who teach advanced skills and drills, and then put it all into play through fun scrimmages and drill games.

It’s a fact that kids who participate in sport are fitter, and more mentally agile. That there is an immensely positive halo effect of the teamwork learnt through sports, into other aspects of their lives. These are the skills and benefits we are shooting for through Hoop Kids Advanced.

(12 - 18 Years)

Exploring true potential comes down to work ethic and time dedicated to ball and books.

PAC-6 is Wellington Basketball's talent development academy targeting student athletes aged 12 - 18 years who express an interest in tertiary education abroad and/or have aspirations to represent their country one day.

By design, this academy is framed to work closely with young student athletes to determine their potential, academically and athletically, and provide an environment designed to advance them towards a positive and high performing future.

PAC-6 offers specialized development programmes for girls, boys and coaches both in NZ and in the US.

Everyone will receive comprehensive basketball development support, athletic profiling, nutritional support, monitored programming for training, strength, power, mobility, and injury prevention. The combination of our athletic services and Study Hall programme will ensure they are better prepared for US college culture and the rigours of New Zealand Basketball representation.

Age Grade Reps
(U13 - U23)

Wellington Basketball has a very proud history of championship winning teams when competing at the annual BBNZ National Basketball tournaments.

Wellington is represented at every National and Regional tournament across the following age groups:

  • Under 13 Girls & Boys

  • Under 15 Girls & Boys

  • Under 17 Girls & Boys

  • Under 19 Girls & Boys

  • Under 23 Girls & Boys

If you are interested in representing your city, we hold Open Run Trials each year with every squad selected and announced the following month.

To be eligible to represent Wellington Basketball at all National or Regional BBNZ run tournaments, you must live and/or school inside the Wellington City Council boundary. 

All players selected to represent Wellington Basketball are also eligible for selection to attend the BBNZ National Talent Programme (NTP) held each year. This is your pathway to higher honours as players from around the country are selected from these camps to trial for New Zealand age-grade teams.

Each year, every player, coach and manager make sacrifices to their weekly schedules to ensure their commitment to preparation, personal development and team culture is purposeful and performance driven.

Wellington Basketball are proud to support your basketball endeavours.