Register Your Team For Term 2

We have come to the end of Term 1 Midweek Adult Leagues, last games were played on Thursday 6th April. If you click on the winning teams you'll be able to see the footage of the finals!


Tuesday Leagues                                          

Men D Division 1 - Buckets                                       
Men D Division 2 - Hoopers                                    
Men D Division 3 - Deloitte Pistons                        
Men D Division 4 - Tuberos                                     

Wednesday Leagues
Men A Grade - Thundering Herd
Men B Grade - Rogue Squadron
Men C Division 1 - Free Throws & Chill
Men C Division 2 - Mt Vic Magic

Thursday Leagues
Women Division 1 - Under 19 Girls 
Women Division 2 - The Country Bouncers

Registrations are now open for teams wishing to join our Adult Midweek Leagues and School Leagues for Term 2. Changes have been made to accommodate the growth of the game. Women's League will now be played on a Tuesday night along with the Men's D Grade. Both Junior and Senior College Leagues will play on a Thursday, first game at 4pm with the last starting at 7:20pm. From Year 7 and 8 IPL (Intermediate Premier League) and up, will have full use of the new Glory League Application.

Register for the Adult Midweek Leagues HERE

Register for Intercity (Super 8s | Premiers) HERE

Register for the School Leagues HERE

Please note that both College Leagues are full. There have been some changes made to the school format so please click here if you wish to read up on them.

Contact us for more information. ✌️

Hemi Pou