The Middle School league has been created for Year 7 - 8 students.

It’s where our kids transition to entry level basketball.

The interest really starts to build at this age-grade, and games are played on Tuesdays or Fridays, over an eight week term.

Schools or clubs who elect to play in the Tuesday Diamond League, can choose which grade best suits their teams ability from either the seasoned, intermediate, social or beginner grades. Kids play two 12 minute halves, with no stop clock and no shot clock.

Fridays are for the more experienced Middle School teams with a two division grade league (defined by skill level) called the IPL - Intermediate Premier League. These games are one hour long, with teams playing four quarters, and includes the use of a 14 second shot clock.

To participate in either of these leagues, schools or clubs must first register their team. In doing so, each team must supply a scorebench volunteer for every game they play in a season.

Contact us to register or if you have any queries.