What is Glory League?

Glory League is a sports video engagement platform that makes players feel like NBA superstars, by providing them with full game video, highlight reels and stats for them to relive and share with team-mates, coaches, parents, and friends. Wellington Basketball is going game video enabled for all levels of our game, to enhance the game across all levels, giving our community players an unprecedentedly professional and advanced basketball experience!  

How it works? 

Every game is automatically filmed and, you as a player or coach will be notified a few hours after you game has finished, for you to be able to review your full game and highlight reels! 

The quality of the video is high, and the video experience allows you to comment, share and review. We are introducing the system across the board and the fee  ($99 + GST per team per season) is built into team registration fees. All games are viewable and downloadable by all players/ coaches/ parents from your team. 

Scoring Application

We will be using iPads to score all of our games in the ASB arena, there is a simple application that keeps score, tracks player stats and runs the game. Please watch the following video to familiarise your team with the system.