President & Chairman
Executive Member

Is General Manager for Horizon International Ltd, President and Chairman of Wellington Basketball.

He is first and foremost a parent to a child who loves Basketball and will continue to support her journey as she develops her passion for the game.

As a member of the Wellington Basketball Executive team, Walter believes it's their role and responsibility to create the right environment for basketball to grow. A sustainable, transparent culture of performance can only be achieved with the right people delivering skilled leadership, and this is where he intends to add value.

In front of strong governance and operational management, Wellington Basketball should also tell their story, showcase their brand, their culture and demonstrate how by being relevant year to year will render sustainable returns to their community.

With Wellington’s proud basketball history, Walter believes we have an amazing story to tell.



Vice President
Executive Member

Kirk has worked in the public sector for over 20 years and has developed extensive experience in service and system design where he has a demonstrated history of designing services and strategies within health and social service settings. Kirk first got involved in basketball because his daughter developed an avid interest in the game in 2014. So by default, he has become a jack of all trades - a coach, ref, manager and now an executive member for WBA.

Kirk has developed a view that basketball can provide a platform to have fun, get fit and develop enduring friendships. Most importantly, this game is a vehicle that we can promote positive outcomes for individuals, whānau and communities. Volunteering his time for WBA is considered a fantastic opportunity to engage the community on a meaningful level - its more than basketball, its about quality relationships and building character. 

He recognise's we have a number of passionate people wanting to make a significant contribution to the game and therefore the challenge is to orchestrate all of their energy and efforts to ensure we can empower our community to give everyone engaged in basketball a great experience. 



General Manager
Executive Member

Her vision is for Wellington Basketball to be the centre of excellence for basketball in the Wellington region. She believes this can be achieved through a strong executive that is forward thinking, innovative and has a strong community presence.

Jasmine believes that Wellington Basketball is an incubator for well-rounded individuals of the community to make a difference and that bodes well for the future of sport in the region.

Jasmine’s love for basketball goes back to when she spent two years in the United States where she played on the Quantico High School Varsity Team as a freshman.

With a professional background in banking and finance she has worked for Westpac and other financial institutions with extensive experience in working with not-for-profit organisations and involvement in many voluntary high profile fund raising activities in the Eastern Suburbs.

Jasmine is the proud mother of three children and is actively involved in supporting their sporting, school and cultural activities.

She hails from the Far North with tribal affiliations to Te Aupouri, Ngati Kuri, Te Rarawa and Ngai Tahu. 

Jasmine also leads Wellington Basketball’s operations as General Manager.