Community spirit to us means several people are sharing something particular. It is this common object which defines the sense of community, a common belief, unity and reciprocal solidarity between everyone who participates.

Giving back to the community that have supported the development and participation of our game is important to Wellington Basketball. We genuinely care and promote a sense of social responsibility throughout our organization, by creating sustainable and meaningful relationships and initiatives with smart organizations delivering support to our Wellington community.

Our team members have chosen the Wellington Eat My Lunch program, T
he Koha Shed Wellington and the ASB Get Wise service as our community initiatives for 2017.

Eat My Lunch is a business on a mission to ensure that no kid in New Zealand goes hungry at school. For every lunch you buy, EML give a lunch to a Kiwi kid who would otherwise go without. Since launching in June 2015, Eat My Lunch has given over 325,000 lunches to kids in 40 low decile schools. 

Eat My Lunch has now launched in Wellington and already exceeded the 2 month forecast in their first two weeks of operation. Making a difference is as simple as buying your lunch online. And for every lunch you buy, a lunch is given to a kid in Wellington. BUY ONE. GIVE ONE. 

ASB Bank is committed to improving financial literacy throughout New Zealand, and it starts with the kids. Combined with ASB Bank, New Zealand's largest school financial literacy programme that has delivered more than 25,000 sessions to over 630,000 registered students, they are teaching kiwi kids basic money skills and financial know-how to better prepare them for their future endeavours.