The Midweek Leagues have been a long standing competitive and social competition for Wellingtonians 14 years and over, split into men’s and women's divisions.

The Leagues traditionally run for nine weeks during each of the four terms, year to year and played in arguably the best basketball facilities available to Ballers in the country. This league invites all club teams, College A teams, Corporate, University and Wellington representative teams to register and compete in what is described as a socially competitive league where training is considered cheating!

All teams are required to have a Team Captain who will be the contact person for your team and the key person to engage with the game officials pre & post each game. Every week, all games are supplied with Wellington Basketball referees, trained score bench, and full schedules on display to improve your league experience week to week. 

To look the part or least comply with the League rules around uniformed teams, Triple Threat Apparel will provide the supply of uniforms and graphic design support to all teams in need of a new groove.