Every program has that one kid who wants to be Like Mike!

I AM FAN is an advanced Hoop Kids development program for those members who want to train and play like the big kids.

In weekly two hour sessions for those aged 9 - 13, the kids are taught warm up and warm down routines, learn correct running and sprinting techniques, participate in strength and agility conditioning, and learn about nutrition and rest schedules.

I AM FAN is run by skilled coaches and players who teach advanced skills and drills, and then put it all into play through fun scrimmages and drill games.

It’s a fact that kids who participate in sport are fitter, and more mentally agile. That there is an immensely positive halo effect of the teamwork learnt through sports, into other aspects of their lives. These are the skills and benefits we are shooting for through I AM FAN.

If this program sounds like something your child wishes to engage in, please contact us for more information.