Exploring true potential comes down to work ethic and time dedicated to ball and books.

PAC-6 is Wellington Basketball's talent development academy targeting student athletes aged 12 - 18 years who express an interest in tertiary education abroad and/or have aspirations to represent their country one day.

By design, this academy is framed to work closely with young student athletes to determine their potential, academically and athletically, and provide an environment designed to advance them towards a positive and high performing future.

PAC-6 offers specialized development programs for girls, boys and coaches both in NZ and in the US.

Everyone will receive comprehensive basketball development support, athletic profiling, nutritional support, monitored programming for training, strength, power, mobility, and injury prevention. The combination of our athletic services and Study Hall program will ensure they are better prepared for US college culture and the rigours of New Zealand Basketball representation.

If you are interested in specialized basketball development and US scholarship eligibility, please contact us or if you have any queries.